Kentucky Derby Classic Cocktails

This year’s Kentucky Derby is May 4, 2024.

For over a century the Mint Julep has been the official beverage at Churchill Downs. Each year over 150,000 Mint Juleps are served in just two days. The Kentucky Derby’s rich history dates back to 1872 when Merriwether Lewis Clark organized the Louisville Jockey Club. As horse racing became more popular, he built an outdoor track which became know as Churchill Downs. Spectators began attending the race from all around the country. Many would get dressed up for the race and many young ladies began wearing beautiful hats. Legend has it, the hats brought good luck to their favorite horse and the larger the hat meant more luck. The winning horse would be draped with a blanket of roses. Dubbed the race “The Run for Roses” The first Saturday in May is when the Kentucky Derby takes place. It is the longest continually run sporting event in America. It truly is the fastest and most exciting two minutes in sports.


Watch Dean make mint juleps on Fox Weekend Morning as well.

Selected Recipes: